For the organization, inception, up till its completion, Bervic Electrojet Cooking Gas Refilling Plant has become a focal point and a recongitive face locally and potentially beyond, by the MD and CEO, Engr Asibe, Berthrand. O. “Cooking gas has a direct bearing on the welfare of Nigerians. Nigeria is classed as gas-zone, We have about 197 trillion cubic feet of gas reserve, three refineries that produces well over 70% need of Nigerian consumption, there however seems to be no plan for LPG and we have a challenge for demand and supply. Also, the old practice of using wood is a major cause of deforestation, burning of coals, which makes people liable to eye problems, cancer infections” Are all cooking gas healthy compressed gas vs lpg com propane, propelyne, ethane, methane in their compostion. The energy release is less than LPG LPG propane and butane with higher calories.

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