What you need to know

The cycle of onloading and offloading LPG to the tank.

Before the transfer process begins, pressure is equalized between both tanks, when the compressor is started, it draws vapour from the top of the storage tank, through the transfer piping. The compressor compresses the vapour, and increases  the vapour pressure as it is pushed into the bottom of the storage tank. As the vapour differential pressure is between the two tanks increases, the liquified gas begins toflow from the transport tothe storage tank. The liquid transfer process is now complete. The compressor now turned off to begin the vapour recovery process. The four-way valve is reveresed and other valves are opened or closed to facilitate the vapour recovery. The compressor is started and begins to draw the vapour from the transport tank. The remaining liquid boils off during the recovery process. The compressor compresses the vapour and pushes it ti the bottom of the storage tank. The vapour recovery process is complete when the desired evacuation pressure is reached.


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